To make it simple, I failed big time. I earned about 7 usd of the planned 60...

There were several reasons:

  • Been a tough month in my private life with some hard hits for my family. I see it directly on my chess where the rating usually drops 150-200 points when I'm not in balance. Guess it influences the poker as well
  • Bad streak in the beginning of the month. Loosing 4 of 5 AA-hands is tough. I started to doubt in myself, and played worse.
  • Too ambitious goals. I wanted to much and will adjust the goals to December.
To break it down a little:
NL:  Got a decent result second half of the month and got appr +10
NL SH: +2 is still a positive result, will be played again and should easily be able to make better if I concentrate on it. That is, no TV shen playin...
Limit: +4 is ok and will be plaued again. If I avoid playing it directly after NL, I should do better (playing right hans)
Limit SH: A big negative result (-3). I think the problem is the same as in NL SH, I play to unconcentrated. Should easily be a winning game!
Omaha High PL/Fix: Fix got about +1, but very few sessions due to few available games. The problem howevere was PL which ended -3. I'm simply not good enough! I hate variance and try to play the made hands. That means I miss a lot of +EV situations. I play NL the same way.
Omaha Hi/Lo pl & Fix. Same thing there. I'm about +1 in Fix and about -3 in PL. The reasons the same as in Omaha High, but still feels like I have a better grasp here. I will play both PL-variations next month, must learn to earn money here as well.

MTTs: I will remain in PL and try to play more. I only played about 10 this month and will place appr 550-600. Have not played any other tournaments, just not felt like it...

Well, November is almost over and the last few days I'll prepare  for December. A month with many free days, and probably a lot of poker. I'll post my challenges before Dec 1st.