Been a while since my last report. The reason is twofold. First, been a lot of meetings lately, so less time. The second is I've been frustrated.

Until yesterday, I lost 7 sd instead of earning 22usd. It's like an evuk circle. I loose a couple of hands and after that I dont play very good. For example, one day I lost with AA allin preflop twice, I lost with AQo vs AQo when he got a flush with 4 clubs on the table. After that, its very difficult to play well. However, if I check on each game, it's mostly O8 pl (-6 usd) and Fix sh (-4) that been the worst.

I got to learn take a loss, or take a break. I just think its only cents, so I can continue...

On the Premier League, it's gone a little better. I have one 4th place and one 28th wich gave a lot of points, I also have a couple if places in th middle, but still at about 100th in the total.

Enough for now. See you all!