The November Challenge has gone terrible sp far. It's svereal reasons:
* I've had bad luck. Ok, two AA and two KK is good luck, loosing all four is bad luck... AA lost to 93o and QJ (both hitting two pair) and KK lost to QJ (hitting higher straight with AK) and AA.
* I've played poorly. The hands above got me loose my temper, and playing bad.
* Trying to many variations the same day.

My "cure" will be:
* Always take a 30minutes break after what I feel like extreme bad luck to calm my temper.
* Play max NL + 2 variations a day. Preferably one Texas and one Omaha variation.
* Only go allin with two pair or better, or preflop with AA, KK.

Can say my result so far is down 2 dollars, and I lost about 4 dollars on the hands mentioned above (allin with about 1 usd every time). That means, I can't played too bad...

Now I can only wait and see if the weekend will turn things around for me!

When it comes to tournaments, I missed them yesterday since I missed the timediff is less due to wintertime at the moment