Yesterday was a day without PokerStars. Instead, I was thinking about what I want to achieve in November. The first part is some goals for my cashgame. The goal is set high, and I doubt I will reach it. But having the goal will hopefully make me play more concentrated, maybe quit when todays goal is reached instead of losing the last hand. Maybe avoid stupid mistakes. Eg in October I called way to many all-ins with only top pair. It could be a bluff... That will not happen in November without a good read!

All games will be played on lowest level, ie 0,01/0,02 for NL & PL, 0,02-0,04 för Fixed games. In total, I shall have a profit of 2 usd/day, divided on the following games:
NL 6max
Fix 6max
Omaha Hi/Lo Fix & PL
Omaha Fix & PL

The MTT-challenge is simple:

Remain in Premier League (Top 500)
Win at least 5 Facebook 10 cent-tickets
Have at least 4 ITM on SNG 25c/90man AND show a profit