Just a few days left until we know the final standings in the Open. The last few days I have played very little. Been one Open a day, and at the same time some cash. It been sucesful however!

Yesterday, I played 2 Opens and ended 90th place in the first. It started terrible. I was surfing when the pokerwindow popped up and I accidently hit raise (which mesant allin) with Q8 off. and 3 callers. I was lucky and hit a Q to win the gigant pot. With some marks to play with, I managed to get very far. The second Open became payback time. I survuved with a helthy stack until 1000 people left. Got AK and went allin. I got called by QT. The flop came AKT and on the river another T come. Finito!

Anyway, the day was succesful. I moved from 700th to 411th in the totals. A strategic question. When you get good cards early, like QQ or KK, should you lay them, go allin or just fold? It's so expensive to get kicked out early, I''m sometimes afraid to risk everything so early.

Well, will be 2-3 Opens today, want to reach safe ground for the Premier. Feels like I can managed it now Report to follow!