Today was an ordinary day. Work, and then home and poker at night. I had more or less given up of reaching PL in PokerSchool, but thought I'll play the Open tonight since I had nothing else to fo. I got decent cards, but not extremly good. Won two coinflips and made some laydowns (AA first, then AK on KQ9 flop). At least the second one was correct, since the winner had K9...

In the end I was at place 40 with 106 players left. Got 66 and limped. With three people on a flop of 962 I managed to get both allin. Bad luck for me the bigger stack (had me covered) had 99, and the tourny was over.

I'm most satisfied I could get this far without extreme luck or extreme cards. And I think I'm at around place 600 in the totals and "only" about 35 p from place 500 and moving to PL. Slim chance, but still a chance with almost a week to go! And my goal of placeing top 2000 will be reached and 50 cent in prizemoney will soon be pocketed

I also played a little cashgame (2 tabled) and got o profit of 1,22 in anbout 90 minutes. My BR is now over 44 usd. Maybe try to reach 50 before November?!