The day started good with some cashgame. My BR was over 40 and it felt like nothing could go wrong...

The rest of the day I played three Opens, with a net of zero point. It started with two minus and finally one where I got points enough to cover  my earlier loss.

The cashgames the rest of the day was awful. In the beginning I think I played pretty ok. Went allin a total of six times (about 1 usd each time). Five times with two high cards (AK, AQ and so on) against loose raisers who called with a low pocket pair. The time I hit, he hit his set. The sixth time I was simply good, he called with gutshot straightdraw, and hit it of course. My final result today was a loss of 3 usd from yesterday, or 5 usd from when I was on top this morning. That means I played more or less even, apart from the allins.

Is it right to sometimes try a new strategy? I usually play loose but aggresive. Today I tried to play tight, but very aggresive. The result then is made from a few hands, instead of many smaller hands. I think itäs good to try alternative strategies sometimes. OK, it didnt go well today, but one hand the other way would mean 2 dollar more in the pocket (lose one less + win one).

Anyway, time to prepare for the chess tomorrow. First round in the league, playing home. Wish me luck!