Yesterday was apther day alnost spoiled by bad connection. I managed to get it going 2 minutes before it was time to sign up for the Open. Ttherefor, it was a rarther calm night with only a few tourneys going on. The first open went almost ok. I reached1300th place and got a few points in. However, I signed up for a second one, and that went down. I got a 4200nd place for a day total of-2 ponits and I'm down to place650. i simply played bad in the second one. I also played another 25c/90man sng. It took almost 4hours, then I sttod at the top and had earned 5,78 usd. My first victory ever in a tourny with that many players! I played god, got some good hans and had patience. Now to a big leak of mine. After a succesful cashsession or tornament, i often get a few disasters loosing money or get get kicked out very quick. Somehow i feel like I can''t get beat. It happend yesterday (the second Open) and have happend many times before. How to use the positive energy and go on winning instead? Any tip would be useful, I have to plug this leak... Lets see if today kan be the day I close in on place 500. I'll know in a couple of hours. Now I will have breakfast, ,before starrting the comp (this is written on the iPad which I can't use for poker).