Today had been another day with not to much poker. The reason is my internet been down tonight

Anyway, I managed to play one Open Leageu and it went good. I placed about 500th anf will probably take a jump in the totals.

I also played some cash nl at the same time and earned 77 cents. I played two tables + OpenL.

Finally I tried something new: a 25cent/90 players SNG. I got kicked out in the middel with AQ vs KQ vs QT. On the board came JJ4JT and the day was over. That was the first good hand I had in that tourney

I've been reading a little in the forum. One thread got me thinking. What is the best way to be good at poker? Should you specialise in eg NL, or play a variety of games and disciplins like NL, Limit Holdem, Omaha, SNG's and MTT. Personally, I play everything, but see I make better in NL and suck at MTT. My way to handle it is to strengthen my weak sides and rest the strong ones. Is that right?

Time to log out, will be back tomorrow