You learn new thiongs all the time, in poker as well as in life, Today, I discovered people commented on my blog! Thankyou for the advice.To avoid mistakes about all my complaints, I give a little background

I can say I'm sure I'm a winning player in cashgames and almost certain in SNG. Played Cash for many years now on mikrolevels, and have one 2-3 months with negative result. About a year ago, I made a go for SNG's on another site. Mostly played shorthanded and have a ROI of 16% over 500+ tourneys. Full ring is only 60 tourneys, but a ROI of 39% (can't hold over a bigger sample, but probably at least green figures).

After !mastering! Cash and SNG, i decided to give MTT's a go. I think PokerStars is a great place to do this. For me, the difficult thing is to avoid playing +EV hands in MTT. Sure, you will win more than your share, but it only takes one loss to be out of the tournament. Lets say KK win 70% against 2 opps. If I get KK twice, I'll win money in allin about 90% of the time (losing twice=0,3*0,3=0,09), Even if I win one and lose one, I will make money. In MTT, I need to win both times (about 50% chans of getting kicked out)  This kind of thinking needs some getting used to on my part...

Now to today play. I managed to play two Open League and got to about 1200th place in both. I got kicked out with my QQ vs AQ when I had a decent stack (for beeing me...). The cash today has been a small profit of 40 cents, so my BR is now 31,60.

Enough for now. A few chessgames, and then a movie