Today, I just got kicked out of the Open leageu. It happend in the first hand. I was UTG and got AA. After all that happend this week, I decided to get the hand over quick. I got allin and got one caller with AQs. I don't know how big favourite I am, but I guess about 90% (80 to random hand). The flop comes A rag rag with two clubs which gives him a fl-draw. You guessed it, on the river comes a ckub and I'm out at 9487th place.

I know this blog started with me whining all the time. I know the card have been against me, but I also got myself into to many allin situations. No matter how big favourite I am, I will lose some. Unfortunately, that happend a lot this week.

How do the MTT-pros do? Do they play only MTT and maybe some SNGs? That way, they don't play cash-strategy which can cost dearly in an MTT. Maybe I try to much?

Well, now I will take a break and give the FB-league a try, and probably some cashgame to later. I have to reach $30

That's all for now from Sweden