Another day when the vards just dont come, at least not for me...

I played one Open League tourny. Went ok, got all-in with TT, called by 54. He got runner-runner for a straight and I was out about halfway. Seems like the last days only lost me points. Of course the cards have been against me, but I also played bad. Even if I'm 70-30 favourite in a hand, in two hands I only 50-50 to win them both. Sensmoral, I should avoid going allin to often, even though the odds on a single hand is in my favour. This is my problem since a long time, I treat tournaments like cashgames and that's simply wrong!

I'm working on this leak in tournaments. This Open League is an example of that. Since that tourny ended so quickly, I got into Facebook Freeroll League Tournament as well. I got more than my share of high pocket pairs and managed to be among the 250 to win a 0,10-ticket. I actually ended on place 207, but after 250 its most allin with any holdings.

I also played some cashgames today and lost about $1,50. Got allin three times as 60+ favourite, lost two, one tied. My conclusion is I have a bad run of cards and must train to avoid tilting

My BR: $ 24
My PSO stand: abot 1100 before todays torney