I'm born in -69 and played poker for about 8 years. I live in southern Sweden and only play online, so far.

I registered on Pokerstars before the summer. I put up a mission from the start:
Never add any money, play freerolls and let the winnings work at cashtables until I have $100.

I took a break June, July, August and most of September and now I have about $25.

My next project came when I discovered PokerSchool and the leagues.
My goal is to reach Premier League and place in the money

I now play my first month in the Open and hope to place ITM. Since I didn't reach 20VPP in September, I can't avance yet.. In October I already reach 20+ vpp, and are tight now about place 1000 in the Open League (2000 get paid). My plan is to play most days at least one tourny.

My longtime goal is to learn to play MTTs well. I think I'm on the right  track...

From now on, I'll give short reports most days about my progress as follows:
A: My Bankroll, mostly built by cashgames
B: My play in the Open League
C: About my tries in MTT's (wont be many)

And of course to answer questions, if I get any. Since I'm a realist, I don't think there will be many readers or question

Paul "PJGA"