Gd Morning, on this beautiful crisp pre-spring morning. The sun is out and it just great out here in the High Lonesome of Idaho and Wyoming.

Been playing off and on lately. Been doing Okay, but, not quite where I want to be yet.  Working on my discipline and patience. Find that I try to Push to Hard at times; gets me into trouble. Also trying to stay calm wnen I get beat on a hand I should have won. Trying to stay off of tilt.

Not into the Cash side of Poker Stars, as of yet. Going to try and make money the old fashion way: by Earn-
ing it. Playing freeroll tourneyments.  Also, trying to get my money management down in these freerolls. Then when I do get into Cash Games; I will have it under control.

Well that is where I am at now.  Ya'll have a good game now Ya Hear.