I Started playing right after Poker Stars hit it big. Right about the time, Chris Moneymaker hit it big in the " World Series of Poker". I Started off by buying a couple of books on Texas Holdem. By a few of pokers biggest stars. And started watching The World Series of Poker on television. Have now been playing it off and on for several years now. But, not seriously, just for the fun of it. On DVD games on my computor. Then, On-line with Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and even on Doyle Bronson's Poker site. But; to much to quick' OverLoad. So back away from it for awhile. Now, I am back on again. I do feel , I am ready to play again. I was a fair player at one time in my opinion. But, not a good player. At this point and time tho; I WANT TO TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. That is why I am now a student of PSO. I am taking that next step, of becoming a better poker player. My Goal is to be the best poker player I can be. HOW? BY PLAYING MY BEST GAME ALL THE TIME; FOR IN THE GAME OF POKER, YOU ONLY GET PAID, FOR MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS. Learn that from the Mad Genious of Poker. This is that next step in making that right decision. How far it will take me? Only time will tell. Have started tho; by joining POKER STARS "POKER SCHOOL ON-LINE". Have already done the Basic, Core and FLHE Courses, so far. i HAVE TAKEN THAT 1ST AND MOST IMPORTANT STEP ON BECOMING A BETTER POKER PLAYER.