its been a wild week or so since my last post as i qualified for this months premier without knowing! and woo reality check poker demons everywhere i started strong running deep in my first few outings in the premier and then bang i couldn get past the first half hour admittadly i was probably on super tilt and loosing confidence in my own i sat down had a good think about it and made up my mind no more of this week poker sh1t if i'm in a pot i'm in it 2 win it not calling raises and folding all the time with strong hands bad play!! my own doing of course but hey i had poker school 2 fall back on so i sat down read the tutorials again and watched the courses got my next depo 50 euro or 64$ so i got a 22$ TCOOP ticket bonus nice 1 pokerstars :wink: and have been playing solid since in both the league and cash games 400 vpp's in 4 days is major compared 2 my first 20euro deposit last month in which i barely got 40vpp's anyway its easy 2 get lost in the cash world lol thats pretty much it 4 me now guys i'll keep ya posted in how my bankrole does by the end of the month been up and down a bit so far got up to 200$ but have grinded back down 2 around 125$ not bad i'd rather keep goin up do :wink: GL and good poker 2 all who read l8rs :-P