hey guys been a while but lifes been busy just concentrating on the free leagues right now extinguished my first small depo while keeping herself company in hospital not a good poker enviroment long boring hours do lol :-P lesson learned there anyway have my VPP's from last month 2 quaify in next months premier happy days not forgetting the need 4 depo and wins this month 2 keep the ball rolling have been grinding hard not getting many hands or pots but making the 1's i can pick up count and never busting until at least the last 2000 or less which i think is a big thing learned my lesson at the end of last month slipping from top 300 2 just under 1000 place in under a week by joining the bingo donks at the beggining of most league games i'm still learning more everyday and soaking in as much as possible this poker school with tutorials and vids is helpng big time i'm still fairly clueless as 2 the forum but that will come soon 4 now my game is at the front of my mind as i hope 2 smash the open league this month :wink: anyway guys enough waffle out of me good poker and good luck 2 all who read until next time peeps :-P