OK sorry i have not been keeping ye up 2 date but the missus ended up in hospital 4 the run up 2 x-mas where i kept her company all day everyday which was not the worst because i had the laptop and poker 2 keep me going :wink: however with the constant noise stream of visitors and nurses i quickly demolished my small bank role!! NB "forget about poker if there is 2 many distractions it only messes with your A game" then i realised 4 that week my league game had really slipped putting me under 1000 place and now in stress and trying 2 rush it i keep getting demolished in the early stages with marginal at best hands like k 4 unsuited V 99's anyway i'm home now and alll i can do is bide my time grind and hope i get the cards flopps and patience 2 climb back into a premier spot on time!! i'll keep ye posted but am very pesemistic as of now that i will angry poker gets ya no where lol!!