ok missed out on all day poker yesterday 2 get ready 4 x-mas but made up 4 it over night lol :-P
i love the 1.50 90 seat ko's ok players and a reasonable crack at cashing in a relatively short time as well as any bounty's you may collect on the way $0.27 good way 2 get used 2 the sit and go world as i find any smaller premotes a lot of bingo players as the buy ins are so small! but anyway back to the title "3.50$ rebuy" i'v tried aout 6 and with the rbuy and double re buy feature plus add on period its easy 2 stay in at a cost till about 120 players are left quite conning! in a way lol :wink:  as these guys are serious and i can't seam 2 catch the hands keep busting anywhere between 80 and 30th place i'll keep building my small bank role on the 1.50$ ko's and then loosing again on the 3.50's but with everyday my game gets a bit better so i'll keep ya posted and try not 2 bust just yet!.gl guys  good poker :-P  and big bank roles maybe ha ha :wink: