ok been playing pretty much all day went down a bit first from my 26$ bank role to around 10 was running deep always and popping just before the bubble held in there do and won a 1.50 KO tourny that was fun and new picked up quite a few bounty's on the way so collected just over 30$ which is cool gonna leave my brain cool off now 4 a while but hey i love this new side which is the cash game its giving me drive 2 play better and better with every game ok i'm still pretty new but if i watch what i'm  doing follow all the helpfull hints and tips found all over the forum i'll do just fine i'm not getting rivered as muh now and no that sometimes a monster in my hand ain't always gonna bring me a monster pot anyway enough waffle out of me guys keep it real play your asses off and i'll let ya no how tommorow goes :-P :wink: