Hi Pso buddies, 


the pirate is back after a long break where i have spent more time playing live casino poker and have racked up 5 final table appearances in 17 visits with ITM places of 2nd, 3rd ( twice), 5th and 6th making a healthy profit of £1400 since January 2016. 

I took an enforced break from online for a while and rediscovered my love of the live arena, the experience, buzz and waiter service made it an enjoyable and social thing but i found that i focused really well in live play and may move to the cash tables later this year. 

I have returned to the MTT online scene in preparation for the SCOOP and micromillions series as i am planning a small grind over the next 6 months and have made plans to analyse my results in more detail..I will be looking to run a bankroll of $50-100 each weekend with any cashes going into a seperate pot for the Scoop and Micromillions series - this weekend my expenditure will be $63.60 so it will be interesting to analyse the results as we move through the weeks. 

This weekend is the start of the grind as i will be looking to alternate my next 20 weekends with alternate online and live play and i would welcome PSOers to join me - a friendly hi from the rail never hurts!

My tourney itinerary starts tonight through to Sunday with the following tournaments - please join me if you can!

Friday 31.3.17

11pm UK Time $4.40 progressive KO

Midnight UK time Big $3.30

Midnight UK time $5.50 progressive KO

Saturday 1st April

1pm Saturday Micro $3.30

14.20pm $2.20+rebuy(s) Saturday Splash 

18.30pm $3.30 25K guaranteed Bounty Builder

21.30pm $2.20 Bount Builder

23.05pm $11 Progressive KO 15k Guaranteed

Sunday 2nd April 

11.30am UK time Sunday Splash $1.10

13.30pm $7.50 Bounty Builder

14.20pm $5.50 6-max bounty builder

17.00pm $3.30 Big £3.30 20k Guaranteed

18.00pm $11 The Sunday Storm 

Hope to see you at the tables aharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr