Good morning from the UK PSOers from the pirate with hopefully another insightful, pause for thought blog.

I have come to realise that over the years I have been playing that the single most important ingredient to playing well is down to two key factors-time and environment.

With modern age mobile devices now swamping the market, poker is now so readily available to play wherever we are, I wonder how people manage to successfully grind with some many distractions around us.

it would be obvious to add that a bank roll is the vital ingredient but it's what we do with that roll and how we apply this to our play that makes a huge difference.

It fascinates me when I see multiple split screen poker superbly demonstrated by pros like nanonoko as well as others but it's the set up they have in place that makes a difference. What I want to get PSOers thinking is that it's the small changes like this that we can affect that can make a difference to our play and ultimately our results.


Think about that next time you play..allowing the time necessary and having the right space and environment could save you money or win you money!


til the next time me hearties.....arrrr arrrr arrrr