Good Morning PSOers from the pirate,


The early hours (2am) had myself up and fighting for more points and with 6 days left i have decided to crank up the heat as i aim for top 50 placing...however the reality is far different as once you hit 2400 points or so - you need to be finishing sub 1350 to hit points (field of 10000).

Anyway shipmates, the pirate was quickly up to 4k and looking good...field was smaller ( around 8400) and so the points target was sub 1260 placing.

Then disaster donk dealt 99 in bb, blinds 40/80 and heres how the action unfolds....

i raise pre flop with only early pos to act....3x so a 240 bet....and early pos calls, the board flops...



I have... and early pos shoves for 5k and has me covered...i tank it for 30 seconds thinking has he hit a flopped straight, could he has 10 10 ?

I call....he shows  and then turn comes , river a nothing card.


AR AR AR AR AR - i love this game! grrrr