Its getting quite comfortable grinding the $2.50 180man MTTs.

They are a lot easier as compared to the $8 and $15 ones.
So I do hope to get a higher return on investments.
Hopefully 20% instead of the 10% i made last year.

I realise that in the later stage, the regulars are a lot tigther and 3 bet preflop less.

for the $8 and $15 its usually top 18 (in the money) when we hit the blinds of 600/1200

But for $2.50 it takes maybe half or 1 level more to get into the money.

I think these players are too concerned about making it into the money, therefore giving me lots of opportunity to steal from mid and late position with medicore hands while risking little by raising 2.25 bigblinds.

Good start for the year, it will be a long road ahead.

I'm not confident of reaching my goal of 5k tournaments this year, but I will try.

my side quest would be to play a live tournament in macau, wish me luck ^^

Bankroll healthy at $997