i started poker in 2005, playing FL
loaded in $50 busted
I gave up!

I used to play magic the gathering competitively and was travelling to pro tour LA
When into a bookstore and picked up a poker book, think it was ken warran's guide on hold em.

thought I would be a master in poker after reading it but still i donked all my money off, busted another $50 and another $50

Then came the light! I found harrington on holdem vol 1 to 3 and my poker life changed.

I started to make a small profit from small stakes tournament and accumalated a bankroll of about 3k.

In 2006 I moved over to NL cash games, mostly playing 0.5/1. Beat the game for like 2 PTBB/100 for like few hundred thousand over hands, make quite a decent about of money.

Took the 20K poker winnings + my 10K savings (made from playing magic the gathering) and when to do my full time degree in business and management studies.

While studying full time, i lost my passion for poker... i started partying a lot and also started to donk money on the poker table.. from 2008-2010 I barely broke even...grinded like 1 million hands and was supernova for 2 years in a row, but without much profits.

2011 working as a full time stock broker, I really do enjoy my job as I love the stock market. I'm pretty happy with my life now as I have a portfolio of about 50k of stocks that give me a regular dividend yield of about 5% (2.5k)

I don't really touch cash games anymore since they are like so tough... a typical 0.5/1 is mostly filled with regular TAGs.

Tournaments are still fun and I still have my 1k bankroll on PS, I do hope to play so low stakes MTTs ranging from $1 to $10.


So see you guys on the tables ^_^