Hi guys,

I recently read a blog where this question is being asked.
The writer referred to a list of the best 40 players at Pokerstars, and pointed out
(correctly!), that the nr. 40 only earned 70.000$ last year.
Going down that line, it's not impossible that we reach 0$ before we reach player nr 100!
What about the millions of other players?

Well, I'd like to point out a few things here:
1) anyone playing poker (tournaments), should realise that, even when you are a good pokerplayer,
     you will only hit the prizemoney once every few times you participate in a tournament !
     The reason for this : the factor "luck".
     Even good players need some level of "good luck" to make it to the prizemoney, and that just
     does not happen every time you play a tournament !
2)  keeping this in mind, one should know that the "big shots" in poker, usually only play tournaments
      with a high buy in.
      If we presume that they need to play 4 tournaments in order to reach prizemoney once, then you have
      to reduce their earnings with at least 40.000$ !!!
      This means that they really need to hit it big, in order to earn well.

Now, we all know you can play tournaments online for as little as a few dollars.
Tournaments which allso have a very nice Jackpot for the winner and top 10 players (up to several thousands of dollars).

I believe, if you are a good player, and you concentrate on these kinds of tournaments, it is perfectly possible to make a living out of it.
I'm the living proof of it.
Having started "learning" poker only 6 months ago, I'm now focussing on these cheap, online tournaments with positive result.
Sure, I've payed my "learning money", and I only hit prizemoney once every 8 times or so.
But I'm now well into the positive numbers (1300$ to be exact), despite having a bad streak since 4 weeks !!!
And this is only the beginning, since I still need to build op experience.

The key to success however, is study, understanding and experience.
Follow the courses at PSO, watch the video's that are available from Chris Moneymaker and others.
They are very helpfull !!!
I hope this can be a motivation for some of you, who believe only others can have success in poker !

Good luck to all !!!