Hi everybody,

just want to share the horrible experiences of my bad streak.

It's been going on for about 4 weeks now.
And it's not just "bad luck".
It's "absurd bad luck" !

Let me give you just a few examples.

Having JJ, I make a nice 4BB bet pre-flop and get called.
The flop gives me 8 J K, so I now have a set of Jacks !
I make a pot-sized bet and get raised, so I go all in !
My opponent calls.
As I suspected, he has KK-Q kicker
The turn comes with a K, giving him a set of Kings, but giving me a Full house.
Next comes the river card, and guess what that is........... a f### Queen !!!
He now has a Full House too, only he has KKKQQ vs JJJKK !
My Premier league tournament is over, before I got really started !

An other one :
Having K8 on the button, I join in with 3 limpers.
The flop gives K 9 3.
Having top pair, I make a pot sized bet and get called by 2 opponents.
The turn comes with a 5, I bet 1/2 of the pot .
1 opponent folds, the other one calls.
Comes the river with a Q.
I check, fearing for KK with a higher kicker, he makes a small bet, I call.
He has Q5 !!!
So, my opponent called my pot-sized bet on the flop with absolutely nothing,
and got lucky on the turn and the river !
Tournament is over.

Number 3 :
I have AA and my opponent goes all in with 79o.
I probably made him go tilt by the way I won the last hand.
Great, I thought.
Exactly what I need !!!
Comes the flop with 7 2 9 !!!
I get nothing (off course) and get kicked out off the tournament.

The number of times I had a high pair (JJ-QQ-KK), only to find out that at the exact
same moment, one of my opponent had a higher one, is rediculously high !

Limping with AA, KK, AK..... seems to be a new hype in poker !

Having KK and being beaten by AJ (all in !) who gets an A can happen off course.
Losing with AJ (2 minutes later) from KK (all in !) because you don't get an A can happen too.
The same for having AQs and getting beaten by QJ who gets a J while you get nothing.
Flush draws and open ended straight draws that don't come through (while your opponents
do get them !) can happen as well.
Losing all ins with pocket pairs against a lower pair because he trips or gets a straight is part of the game.

However, when all these things happen to you about 10 times a day (or 70% of the time), it becomes extremely difficult to get some decent results (or just to stay calm !).
Even more so, when it goes on for 4 weeks in a row, only giving you a break once and a while for about 20 minutes !!!

Honestly, it drives me crazy to see how idiots get lucky all the time, manage to create huge stacks within minutes and reach the final table of the tournaments, while decent players have to fight like a maniac, just to survive the bad luck they're having !!!

Reaching the top 14 of the Premier League tournaments 7 times (despite having a bad streak !!!), shows that you are a very decent player (I think).
Unfortunately, this continuing bad luck is taking the upper hand and I'm really starting to wonder if and when I will finally have some "normal" good luck.