Good Day peeps one way I learn is by teaching others it's a trait i learned about myself way back when... anywho onto the blog

The Game:

No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo aka 8 or Better


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Ok so lets talk hand selection with 4 cards being dealt you actually need to be selective of the hands that you play.  I'll be showing you a simple point system that will give a general idea at the strength of you hand called the wilson point system.  I'm sure it can be found more in depth discussion on other sites but i'll just give you a general idea here.


AA =30pts

KK = 13pts

QQ = 12pts

JJ = 11pts

TT - 22 = face value


Flush Draws:

2 card nut flush = 10pts

2 card other flush = 4pts

3rd card of same suit cuts value in half


Straight Draws:

2 cards with no gap or one gap = 2pts


Hi Cards:

Unpaired Ace = 4pts

Unpaired K =2pts


Low Hand:

a2 = 20pts

a3 = 15pts

a4, 23 = 10pts

a5, 25, 34, 35,45 = 5pts

Add up the total strength of your hand 25 is a call, 40 is a raise, 50+ is reraise

so for example:

Ad2dAh3h = AA is 30, A2 = 20+10, A3=15+10, 32 = 3 grand total is 88pts

Ah2dQdQs = QQ is 12pts, A2 is 20pts, Qd2d is 4pts, grand total is 36pts

AcKcKs5c = KK is13pts, AcKc is 5pts, Ac5c = 5pts and 5pts  grand total is 28pts


It take somes practice just like everything but it gets easier with practice

GL at the tables