The community here so far has been a nice way to ease back into the poker grind.  One of things I found cool was the open forum for finding backer.  Often times you have to find people on sites other then the sites that we play on.  Finding one here on Stars was a pleasent surprise.  Knowing that the person can't just up and hide or change Screenname and having to prove themselves to all their backers is kinda cool.

My very first stake was for a percentage of a free roll with a little run good my stakee was able to turn my $1 into 2.25... but the stakee was generous and shipped back $3.  It was worth it and i look forward to retuning the favoir when my 60 days rolls around and I can request a stake.  Thanks to a little bit of a heater I was able to grind out the 20FPP for last month on the last day no less hehe.  So now i'm back to grinding out a roll and playing in the Open Skill Bracket now that i'm in the upper pay bracket this will actually be worthwhile.  Also not starting midway through the series give me a good chance to get to the upper 500 in the open skill brackets with consistent play.

I wish you all good fortune at the tables... just not when you're at mine


Mabuhay mga filipino