As of this writing I am at the final table of this superb offerring by Pokerstars... Final 7... Spent $0.90... and as of now, I am assured of $56.39 or an ROI of roughly 6168%!!!!

Woot woot.. I am the low stack... the nearest is double my stack... But I am hoping to nail 1st... Goodluck to me!! Viva Pokerstars!!!

--- Addendum

Hot Dang!! I finished 4th... I was given great hands on 2 blinds... First one I won... AK... before that, I told the other low stack player I want 4th, and he should jump... jump he did but on my blinds. Holding AK, against his J10... Flop went for him... Turn gave him two pairs, which gave me a straight.

Now after this, I told the other low stack player, he should jump coz I want 3rd... so, again, on my blinds, he JUMP!!! Lol!!! I was holding 99... He's got AQ... damn good flop.... woooo flaming hot TURN, baaaaaammmm COLD AS LIQUID NITROGEN on river.... gave him the straight!!! Oh well, it's fun, and most importantly, $0.90 turned into $169.18 or ROI of 18709.77%!!!!!! What, am I going to complain!!??!?!? Bah humbug!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Thank you so much Pokerstars!!! You Poked My Stars... And don't let anybody stop you from doing so!!!!