One of their promotions. One of their ways to encourage players to play more. One of their ways to promote the game of, luck, skills, and at times (if not most of the time as it is online based) a game of craziness.

Everything about PS has been praised, criticised, loved, hated, supported, boycotted, talked about, and ignored.

As with everything PS has offerred, this 100K Depositor Freeroll R/A has been praised and criticised.

But heck, I love this more than any other promotion that PS has offerred. This is the only freeroll wherein players at the tables are actually TALKING!! Erasing the often heard of myth that "PS is rigged!" "Oh that player is a PS Bot!!"

Most often than not, about 99% of the time I would say, you find QUIET tables. The only time you can actually see a comment or two is when someone is accusing someone or "something" of being a cheat, a donk, a moron, or PS Bot, PS house player. And often too, they turn out to get overheated resulting to some players losing their chat privilege.

But not on this one. You can hear "He's a PS Bot!" as I've been accused of last night, but it quickly turned to be a funny, ultra-friendly chat amongst players in that particular table... Yes, they needed to spend $0.30 to rebuy when they got donked out. Just like I did to two players last night, called their 3-bet and 4-bet with suited 7 3... and was checked down to me, which I took to lead the betting out. In short, they showed AA and KK yet I won the pot coz my other 3 turned and showed on turn...

As usual, I got bashed heavily... but it soon turned to laughter and funny jokes... and almost the entire table is laughing and participating -- which is almost never heard of in regular MTTs and STTs.

This particular offering can yield the 1st placer as high as $800 for as low of a buyin as $0.00!!!

I just hope PS will make this a regular part of things that is Pokerstars.