Just want to make this shout blog to thanks PSO for giving me a chance and take out the best of me as a poker player everytime i was given a chance to play Big Bang.

If i'm not mistaken, was awarded 4 Big Bang tickets since it was started.

Cash on my 1st, FT my 2nd and 3rd got a good start but gamble too much and was not able to cash. This 4th one is very special as i'm running bad that day on cash buy-in but keep a positive attitude going into the game and telling my Skype Group, BR_COOP that i gonna try and win this for PSO as previous week Profess Awe came short of taking home the Title.

What make this event special is i'm able to play the right bubble strategy for the 1st time. Since i got a good stacks on my table and everyone is playing tight, so i just keep raising and fold to 3bet or shove from middle to late position. 

At Final Table i'm glad that my fellow Pinoy (Filipino) ggervacio made it also. But we both get unlucky on our flip/s and fell short to bring home the title.

As a closing, i thanks once again PSO and all the hard working staff from moderator, hand analyzer and last but not the least to all the dedicated coaches.

Thanks PSO for giving me a chance to improve our game and hope sooner one of your member will bring home the Title not only the Big Bang but the Bracelet.