Yesterday, i'm still thinking what i gonna write or which one is really my best moment here in Poker Stars. Is it my 1st MTT win? My 1st Sunday Million Ticket won?


But today while i'm at work and browsing and making post at the forum using my tablet, something coming on my mind and this season of WBCOOP is not just an Promotion. It must be something special that really make a big difference in my Online Poker experience.

And "BOOM", this is the best moment so far for me. This is a great promotion and just a month old member of the School that i got lucky  to Final Table it even got little experience and almost won it.

Besting majoriy of US Online poker players was a very big confidence booster and the best moment for me so far. Having a  very good exposure and getting unvaluable experience by playing them specially during the Final table where the atmosphere was every strange to me as group of different groups railing them to give moral support and i'm all alone but came out proud of myself after the game.

Got an incident in the Final Table when someone accused me of soft playing when i fold preflop. I was in SB holding 62o if i remember it right and got the BB covered by my stacks. Good thing a good moderator was there and he send me  message of assurance that i did nothing illegal and in case support message me, i can rely on him for support and it was the start of my very good experience in the school and the rest is history.

The comaraderie of the community that made me keeps coming back and even we set up a fund raising when a good members unexpectedly pass away.

Last Year in this same Promotion got a couple deep run and one of them i fell asleep in front of my laptop for an hour and good it was a slow structure and a Big starting stacks.

This Promotion was always kind to me and hope this time it will be much bigger and a life changing one. Looking forward to play this year WBCOOP and hope i can run deep to get SCOOP ticket and looking forward to win one event for bigger prize.

With all the new acquired knowledge and experience playing in Pokerstars througout the year with the free video, live training and very informative blogs of all members about their own experience playing here in Pokerstars, it will be a very different brand of game and will be very competitive this year for all the members of the school and i am ready for the challenge this year to perform much better compare to my previuos WBCOOP.

Playing the Open Skill League also help my game in testing my patience and evaluate the risk of losing big point and going deep into the tourney to get bigger positive points.

Only this month i'm able to play again the Premiere Skill League and the brand of play is much more good quality compare before. Looking forward to perform better and get some good cash for BR booster.

To all the PSO'ers " Good Luck to Us All". Let's us make the school proud of us on our achievement as a poker player with all the free help they our giving us to improve our game.