Looking back from 2008 upto last year 2012 OPR record about my MTT performance.



I'm not familiar about the percentage inside the bracket and lazy to search about it as i wrote this blog. My personal opinion about it is that, to be a winning player you must have a lesser percentage in Early, Early/Middle and Middle stage of MTT and higher percentage Middle/Late (guess this is the bubble stage) and obviously in Late Stage where Deep run and Final Table represent.

I think the ideal MTT Average percentage will be Early = 5%, Early/Middle = 10%, Middle = 20% Middle/Late = 40% and Late = 25%

Early Stage MTT

Base on the OPR record in my 1st Year as MTT player in PokerStars, i got very nice stats in Early Stage most probably i'm new to the game and i limp most of the time or play only monster hand but  the following year as i start enjoying the game,  playing  more hands  as i enjoy it the more hands i play or to enjoy it i must play more hands and in the process did not notice or did not  care if i lost very early as long as we enjoyed the game.

As i join PSO in late 2010 in the month of October and start to gain knowledge my percentage went back within the ideal level and continue to improve and back to the year where i started playing poker but with different set of mind.


As an inexperience player i do lots of mistake during this stage in my 1st year but as i gain experinece and knowledge continue improving through the years and last is my best performance going 5% below the ideal percentage.

Middle Stage

As i don't have the good knowledge about the importance of this stage as my inexperience duirng my 1st year, i keep folding and allowing others to steal my blinds and all i want is to survive and to get ITM.

As i gain knowledge about the importance of this stage, i start to gamble and take risk so that i can survive the later stage where blinds and ante were high and if i don't have enough chips i will end still too far from the bubble because i lost my fold equity and worse blinded out.


In the 1st two years due to inexperience either i let myself blinded out by not taking risk earlier like trying to steal from late position to keep stacks healthy or i already scattered chips by limp/folding or raise/folding out od position not knowing about equity.

In the next 2 years as i already joined PSO late in 2010,as i increase my average during the middle stage, i got a better chance of surviving this stage that allowed me to run deeper and last year got my best average that reflect on my deeper going to the Late Stage.


Same as the previous stages of my MTT journey.My 1st 2 years, due to inexperience and satisfied to minimum cash. My average is below the ideal percentage but got 1 lucky run on my 2nd year (2009) that gave me my 1st MTT win worth $1,800 besting 7200 player.

On my 3rd year as i already joined PSO, i increase this stage percentage that gave me better chance of reaching the Final Table and more chances to win it as reflected on the number of my Top 10 places.

As i gain more knowledge in the next 2 years, more winning even in higher buy-in. It took me 3 years to won again a 1st place  with $500+  cash prize.


Early this Year got a good start. Last month i'm able to trim down my Early, Early/Middle and increase Middle/Late and Late average percentage.

As of today based on OPR my February average percentage is better than last month.

Hoping that my MTT Progress continue in the right direction and with the help of the PSO School i can be a winning player this Year.


And to end this Blog, like to thanks PSO staff and the whole community for making may playing experience a better one.