After a good start this month and trying to hit my One Time Big Time quick, BR management was totally put into trash and in the end busted my BR.



Now instead of up by almost $400 i'm down by $400 with $100+ on my BR.

Before February start, need to assess my Goal and what adjustment need to be done to keep a positive and safe progress in my Poker Goal.

Current OPR as of Today.


Next month Plan.

With $100 BR need to stick to 0.25/0/50 45 man until BR is 200.

Will start playing 2NL with 4 tables in XOOM for Total BR of $20.

Will try to qualify for Premiere League for March and hope end up with some cash for BR booster.

Will try to win 1 or 2 VIP 100K Monthly Freeroll and hopefully cash, at present got 1 ticket.


Good Luck at the tables PSO'ers.