Another year had pass and more knowledge acquired while having lots of fun.

My Goal for 2012

  1. To have a positive ROI. Two consecutive years with negative ROI is enough.
  2. It time now to apply the new knowledge aquired.
  3. No more Deposit as it wheremost of my problems come by thinking i can deposit again and again just have fun. It's more fun if your winning.
  4. Have Good Bankroll Management.
My plan how to achive my goal for next year
  1. To stay on positive ROI, need to manage TILT effectively.
  2. Assess how effective the new knowledge and skill acquired to the actual game.
  3. In order for me to have a decipline  i will only use money won in Skill League and Freerolls
  4. Will play only 1/100th of my Current Bankroll and only will go as high as 1/50th if in Good roll.
  5. I will play only MTT and SNG.