After experiencing a "MAJOR TILT" in my PSO Skill League 2 days ago, I decided to take few days off from PSO Tourney except the PSO Warm-UP Daily Freeroll.

They say that if your on tilt you should totally stop playing poker for couple of days even a weeks or months depends how long your tilt goes. But since my tilt is primarily from PSO Skill League and most of it is my own bad habits of keep chasing my outs even the pot odds tells me not too. So i tell to myself that  i better stay with my current points rather than keep playing and slide deeper into the hole like i'm creating my on grave.
So after couple of days off from PSO Skill League, i start playing again yesterday and since PSO Skill League best strategy is to "Limit your Negative and Maximized you Positive", i set my primary goal to be in FT in all tourney even though i'm not able to attain it i got a very good result from yesterday tourney.
All four tourney yesterday were productive, got 1 positive and 3 ITM(in the money) so i'm back on tract and well on target for my 1800-1900 points.
As this kind of run will not come to me very often i'm not able to maximized it cause in the last tourney together with my MTT i'm fallen asleep in front of my laptop so i unregister my 5th PSO tourney and call it a day.

See you all at the table tomorrow.