So for 2013, I have decided to start a challenge where I deposit only $20 and see how far I can grind it in one year starting from the bottom of the ladder - at 2NL.

My motivation for doing this is that I want to progress up the ranks of poker from the very bottom of the ladder and leaving no stone unturned along the way. 

I could have just decided to deposit $1000 and start at 50NLbut it would seem more badass to start with just $20 and grind it up who knows what amount.

And another reason I want to start low, is that if I'm succesful in my challenge, it would perhaps instill confidence in potetionally new players to start with little or no bankroll at all and begin their own poker journey.

It would even be more badass to start with 0 and just do freerolls. But for this challenge I'm happy with starting with $20.

Given that $20 only gets me 10 Buy-ins for my game of choice, which is 6-max cash, I was a risk of losing the challenge early if the variance was rough, but thankfully I managed to get out of the danger zone and being grinding steadily onwards.

As I write this now my current bankroll sits at: $114.35.

I am very comfortably rolled for 2NL and I have no fear of going bust at this stage.

It also means that I am very close to taking a shot at 5NL, which is where I take $20, which gives me 4-Buyins for 5NL ($5 per table), and I'll 4-table 5NL without topping up to see if I can make some profit.

This will happen if I reach a bankroll of $120, which is not that far off.

Currently since I started the challenge after the 15th of December, my cash game results graph looks like this:


So for now at least, I'm heading in the right direction, I just have to keep doing what I'm doing for now at 2NL and make adjustments where necessary.