Ok, so last month was absolutely brutal.

I have now experienced full blown tilt and know what I am up against.  I had built up my bankroll to a seemingly safe number for the limits I was in.  I lost it all in a matter of 4 days.  Thankfully I had the Premier League for backup and managed to get into the prize money for a reset.

I am fighting my way back and have managed to double that prize money within this first week.

What have I learned about tilting?

It is a weird experience to tilt that badly.  I was angry nearly all the time for a whole week.  I felt like I needed revenge on all the suck outs.  I found myself unable to fold when I knew I was beat, played mediocre holdings like the nutz, and drew against the odds without thinking about it.  It is no wonder looking back on it that I lost the bankroll.

So what is the best way to avoid tilting?  I have been finding the best method is to talk to yourself.  Every loss warrants a disscussion with yourself to evaluate what happened and why.  

When you get mad at a suck out take a walk through the hand with positions reversed.  Would you have done any differently than your opponent?  If the answer is no then you obviously have no reason to get angry about.  

If your opponent was entirely out of line then you need to mark that player as someone very capable of making big mistakes and keep an eye out for them.  They are the ones who are going to give you the double ups when no one else is willing.  If they continuously suck out on you just avoid them.  Even Superman had kryptonite.

It doesn't hurt to do this during every hand you play as well; why am I playing this hand? what do I expect my opponent to have? what are my odds to improve? what are my opponents odds to improve?  These questions in the end get you thinking instead of just acting and getting emotional.

Good luck and stay off tilt!