Experimenting with three betting throughout this last month has been a good learning experience but I still need more poly to fill this hole.

I think the biggest thing I have noticed with pre flop betting relates to post flop betting.  Every bet needs to have a purpose.  In post flop you are either protecting your hand, betting for value or trying to take the pot.  In pre-flop betting you encounter much the same situations.

Three betting AA can be counter productive.  If only one raiser is in the pot when your turn arrives a three bet would be for value since you are not protecting the best starting hand.  If there are 4 players already in you can raise to protect your AA since it has best odds vs one hand.  I have found getting the best value from AA arises from hiding the hand.  A call can often get your opponents thinking that you cannot have AA.

Three betting AK you are often looking for information.  AK has the weakness vs AA and KK and you should three bet it whenever possible as long as you are willing to fold to the four bet shove.  If you are not willing to fold the hand pre-flop you may want to just call to see where you stand at that point.  AK needs help vs a wide range of hands so seeing the flop is never bad.

Three betting position is the more effective strategy.  A three bet on the button is the most effective re-steal.  You can widen your range alot which can lead to interesting situations that pay well.  If you get four bet it is easier to fold lesser holdings and easier to call and see the flop knowing you have postition.  ALWAYS know before you three bet what you will do if you are re-raised.  Stick to the plan.