I am satisfied with my first months results in the Premier League.  I ranked 280 of 1400 and stayed in the prize money.  I would have been able to get around 200th without too much trouble but had to play for first immediately in the last tournament to have a chance to pull up into the next set of prize ranks starting at 79th.  Alas my QQ ran into AA and I was an early elimination.  The hand could have been easily folded leaving me with 1400 and I would have been able to play back from that.

Holes in my game that I have observed in the first month:

-Three bet and four bet tactics.  I play 3b conservatively and usually only when I am 95%+ sure I have the better hand.  I need to figure out when 3b and 4b can be used effectively to re-steal and get other players to lay down the better hand.

-Consistency with patience.  I had a few bombed tournaments as a result of going on tilt from losing huge hands on the cash table before the tournament.  In the tournaments I did well it was a result of remaining patient.  You need the better hand WITH the hit in order to win big hands and for that you need to wait.  If you are patient enough and observe your table you can see who is getting desperate for a win.  They will give you their stack in the right hand.  How to avoid tilt is always on everyones mind.

In the end avoiding tilt becomes a function of proper bankroll management.  If you are avoiding losing large chunks of your bankroll on a single hand it is much easier to laugh at the runner runner suck out and/or becoming desperate for the win yourself.

-Avoiding too much respect.  Don't play SUPER tight or you will never get called by a worse hand.  I had some trouble with this as my big hands became simply stealing the blinds 90% of the time.  Most players in the Premier League are calling very tight so you can raise a little loser to steal more often and encourage a slight widening of range on their calling.  The more you widen your range the more care you need post flop.  Cbet 95% and shut down with less than two pair when called and you will be okay.

Enough for now.  Sept needs to be a better month.  I will break the 200 mark for sure!!!