I get AA 2nd to act.  I always raise the same x4 the blind.  We are at 25/50 so I pop it to 200.

3rd to act re-raises to 600.  This player is new at the table and has an extremely large stack have everyone else at the table covered by over .

One player folds and then the next two call.  One player has been in a couple of hands with me and while apparently calling somewhat light has made the post flop folds twice to my c-bets.

The big blind folds and it comes back to me.  I go all in for a total of around 2400.  Player who re-raised calls and then so do the other two.

The flop is about as dry as they come with a 2,4,8 rainbow showing up.  Big stack checks and the next player (who had folded to my c-bets) shoves all in for around 2500 more.  Next player folds and big stack calls and I finally get to see what the heck is going on.

Big stack has AcJc and the other has... Kd8c????

What the heck are you in this hand for??  This player was not playing like this for the 3 rounds previous to this hand.  Why now?  Why are you risking half of your stack with king eight off out of the blue?  Needless to say the luck sack gods decided to put a king on the river.  Am I the only one noticing players who make an entirely illogical decision then get lucky after being a 7 to 1 dog?  Or is it luck at all?  Do they know they are going to catch a card?