We continue our interviews with your favorite people in the field of poker to learn more about their lives away from the tables. This time we sat down with Kara Scott to talk about poker, and photos.
How did you start playing poker?
I worked as a sports reporter at a television station in England when a channel that highlighted poker saw my work and suggested I do a test to show Poker Night Live. I did not know much about poker at the time but wanted a person who has experience in appearances before the camera and not knowing the game to learn it along with the public. As you work that fits my glove!
It was easy to learn but I worked with several professional interest in humor, who taught me different ways to play. Soon me and stuck me in the poker bug and started playing online and live in local tournaments and understand before poker became a staple part of my life.
What is your program for the coming months? What are you going to play tournaments or presentations?
I do not intend to play much poker in the coming months. In fact I'll play only WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars event before the World Series of Poker. We will also do a little work in public relations in Canada for the Montreal PartyPoker Classic charity event at the end of March and after that will travel to Vienna for the PartyPoker Premier League Main Event and the Big Game at Montesino Casino.I will be with friends in Europe after all, then Vegas for the WSOP.
What is your favorite tournament stop?
There are some fantastic WPT stops in Europe. I think my favorite is the one in Venice. I was there in February and although it was very cold, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The WPT tournament arranged to take place at the same time as the carnival of Venice so there were more things to do than usual one. The food is fantastic too. It's just a single city, there is no equivalent in the world.
What attitude tournament has the best food?
I think that Las Vegas is the top choice in the food and I do not think many people will disagree with me on this. Regardless of what kind of food one prefers, the Vegas to cover everything. It is a paradise for food. Then there are also new and interesting restaurants to try someone no matter how often it goes. Already planning some great dinners the period of the WSOP this summer.
Have you ever participated in a crazy bet?
There are usually put bets, mainly because I am not good at them and usually lose. I had a bet with Chris Tessaro from Hardcore Poker Radio, a few years ago when I worked in the EPT. Bet that I put on the finishing position in a tournament and lost. The bet was that wearing bunny outfit for an entire day as they do the live updates for the San Remo event.
Sure rather than choose one of the bunny outfit like Playboy, which is not at all my style I chose a big pink bunny suit with a rather scary mask and wore it eventually.
What are the best quotes you've heard if you do harpoon at the table?
Fortunately I do not harpoon often but when I do most times is a joke. For example LAPC a poker player told me that I am the most beautiful flower in the poker room and that he wants to be the first to "taste" my juices. It was so bad that far fetched and I laughed and I'm sure this was the aim.
People with whom I play, or from whom they interview are usually very polite about it in general my surprise when someone reacts badly. Once a drunken poker player who pissed and rejected the best answer he could think was "Can not you treat me so, I'm a millionaire." Truth.
What was your most embarrassing moment in the interview?
I have many such stories. Generally I try not to remember because after much difficulty to appear again in front of camera.
In a tournament once we broadcast live from the final table while the magnitoskopousame and television. After a heads-up that lasted too eventually emerged the winner. I could not see from the table where I sat when I went with what the producers told me through my headset. The noise and celebrations were very keen but I did not hear so well and I thought I won the player who eventually came second. The look that threw me when I went to congratulate him on his success was very uncomfortable and certainly not something you forget easily.
What do you do when not playing poker?
Spend much of my time traveling to fantastic places because poker, so my hobbies are mainly seeing sights and eating and drinking very well. I read and write very well so it is very common to find someone with one of the cafes in my neighborhood with a book or a laptop.
I also love the live music and I used to go to a major music festival and camp with my friends when I lived England. I also like museums and galleries and try to go and play some 2-3 times a month. But mostly I like to eat good food, nice wine to drink and talk about any topic with people I love.
Do you have a hidden talent?
I love to cook.
What are your favorite players to play against them?
I was fortunate to play with Billy Baxter at the LAPC Main Event recently and actually had many interesting stories to share. Ultimately this is probably not worked well because I gave more attention to him than the game.
There are several people that can make a table more interesting but I do not know if I would like to play against them because they are much better than me. The Adam "Roothlus" Levy is one of them, I have played with him over the last several years and has lots of humor.
What made you start to publish a photo of the day on Twitter;
A friend of mine in Santa Barbara began to make this test found on the Internet for "one photo a day." I loved looking at the photos, but I'm not very good photographer. Just shoot me like that without much deal with the technical details.I thought it would be fun to try to become better and also I have documents from this year that it seems that it is one of the most intense of my life so far.
Always traveling enough because of my work and I go to so many fantastic places, but the stories are lost along the way. Someone suggested I use this challenge to a photo of the day so that my friends know who I am and what I do and I love it so far.
What would you do if there were working in the field of poker?
I would work again in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter / producer / presenter or a non-governmental organization. :-D