Setting Your Bankroll Management
There is no set figures which you have to follow, just like your playing style, but setting your bankroll management plan for each game variation, and type of play (MTT, STT, 180 man, Cash Game etc) is very important. 
Personally in the 12 months I have been consistently playing online, I thought I had a good bankroll management plan, but it wasn't until 4 months ago I had some leaks (esp. rebuy MTTs and turbos).  Below is my current bankroll plan, for all the different games I play.


Note: 2R1A, I treat the buy-in as 4 x (buy-in minus rake) + rake, and 1R1A as 3x(buy-in minus rake) + rake.  These totals are treated under MTT Freeze outs.

Why so many different plans even for each game variation even? Well each game has its own amount of variance. 

• For FL games, it is the amount of split pots that occur, in addition the % rake to pot size is higher in FL than PL and NL which makes your edges and value bets important.  In the table it is listed as big bets, which to those who arent aware, it is the higher of the bets on the table's stakes (e.g. $2/4 the big bet is $4 even though the BB 'pre-flop' is $2)
• For SNGs, I haven't separated deepstack or turbos as I have improved my game, so my edge vs field is same IMO.  For those less comfortable, I would recommend adding more buyins as the variance in turbos is higher and the rake at Pokerstars is still the same as deepstack.
• NL and PLO cash games are treated as the number of regular table buy-ins.  This is to enable shots to be taken as a shorter stack size can be bought in at the higher stakes when you wish to test these stakes.  I have added more buy-ins for PLO as it is a more action heavy game, where there is more split pots when you have the run it twice feature on.
• For MTTs, I have split it into 4 sections as each style of MTT has its own difference in variation, especially turbo rebuys.  One of the major issues people have with bankroll management (and I did too) is that they don't consider the number of rebuys + add-on they make for that style of MTT.  To work out if it is within your bankroll just total your rebuys+add-on and multiply by the MTT Freeze factor.  For me it works out that an average turbo rebuy is 6 1/3 initial buy-ins so I just multiply 150 by 6.3 to 1000 for a protected grind.
• Finally and most importantly is the Quick, Unprotected and Protected options

I had done something similar to this previously, but it wasnt until I read many articles I came up with these terms. The idea of these are similar to what they sound, Quick Builder:  A BRM plan to quickly build your bankroll BUT it has a very high risk of busting. Unprotected Grind:  A BRM plan to build your roll, but has SOME chance of busting. Finally Protected is a plan to consistently grind with a minimal chance of busting your roll.  Nowadays I tend only use Quick grind for very soft games after I have cashed out and want to rebuild by playing the soft micro MTTs, and mainly use the protected grind for everything.  If I want to want to take shots however I follow the Quick grind (for MTTs, and just buy-in for a smaller amount in cash games).

Finally I would like to note, that my bankroll management plan is guide for others, what works for me, may not work specifically for you, however I hope you gained IDEAS on how to effectively manage your bankroll.