After a successful year, I have decided to withdraw a lot of my winning to purchase something I have desired in awhile, a car.  This has meant withdrawing most of my poker bankroll.  Therefore, with only a small amount left I have also decided to withdraw everything from PokerStars.  Why?  Well I wanted the extra leftover money! 
Also a new year always brings new challenges, and hence I have decided to end my $100 to 100k challenge, and instead do something more challenging.  So upon talking with members of the ANZAC poker home game club and other friends I have decided to start from January 20 with $11 and run it up at far as I can, only through PokerStars.  One the main reasons for such a small starting bankroll is challenge myself and also show to the micro players, incl the ones I have met through ANZAC club, that you can build a big bankroll with proper bankroll management even with the smallest amounts.
The plan I have set myself for the challenge are as follows:
• Only play on PokerStars, MTTs, sit n gos and cash games, although it will be mainly on MTTs.
• Follow a Bankroll Management plan similar to the one I developed last year (See next blog post)
• Use this Bankroll to complete my goals for 2014 below.

My 2014 Goals
Something I started a couple years ago for my personal goals, and did last year for poker is create realistic and Big 'to strive for' goals.  I do this as I am very much a goal based person, and having both allows me to break down everything into more smaller steps and also prioritise what I want to achieve.

Realistic Goals
• Fine-tune my strategy late stage deepstack MTTs
• Fine-tune my Turbo MTT strategy esp rebuys.
• Play my first Sunday Million
• Play my first $162 buy-in
• Break the top 2500 on P5s
• Play satellites for WSOP APAC
• Final table a MicroMillions/SCOOP Event
• Learn 6-max and Hyper Turbo MTT strategy
• Only play when well prepared (incl food) and rested

Big Goals
• Be profitable playing 12 tables
• Reach Platinum Star
• Final Table the Sunday Million and 500.
• Final Table a Bigger 55+
• Break the Top 1000 on P5s
• Final table a WCOOP

During the challenge, I intend to post a blog here at least monthly, so if you have any questions, comment on blogs, message me with the hashtag #Phrump11, or direct message me here on PSO or twitter. As this year will be very busy for me uni wise, I will be posting regular updates on twitter using the #Phrump11 hashtag.

As the challenge has started already, I will finish with a quick update.
With the initial $11 I started grinding the freerolls and 25c sitngos until $20, when I then played the PSO $1 Prem Qualifiers, where I quickly soared to $50.  With a good start I then added the 55c 500 Cap games, final tabling several times to soar to $80.  Then a cash in the PCA freeroll, and several wins for $T in TCOOP microstake rebuy satellites, brought me to $140 in a bit over 2 weeks.  Then a couple days ago I managed to get 3rd in the Big $2.20 for $750 (I flatted an open pre with 55 and lost vs TT on T53x8cc board).  So currently my BR sits at $851.76.  Due to work commitments, I won't be able to play much in the next 2 weeks as uni is also starting too.  But I intend to finish up a blog post on Bankroll Management, and the strict one I will follow during this challenge during this 'time off'.

So until then, take care, GL and hope to see you at the tables.  Phrumpleton