Hello, I hope everyone had a pleasant and enjoyable festive season. For me it was a 4 weeks break off the poker grind and a chance to relax with family and friends.
2013 was a great year for me poker wise, even though I have only been playing for a year. In April I started a similar challenge to Andre Coimbra, trying to turn $100 into 100k but including all online and live results. I managed to win all areas of poker, with a breakdown below:

Cash Games: +$1381
PS MTTs: +$3016
FTP and other sites MTTs: +$2952
Live Tourneys: +$2760

For a grand total of $10,209 after 8 months of the challenge.
Figures aside, I felt I grew a lot as a player, as I really learnt how to my HUD effectively, a bit like how I use physical tells when playing live poker. This lead to a lot more consistent results towards the end of the year as I came up with strategies to beat the variance consistency of MTTs. I intend to use these skills to continue to advance as a player, my bankroll and even as a person.

Goal wise I am happy to say I exceeded my goals for 2013, playing 224k hands surpassing the 50k I had planned. Winning several MTTs for 1k+, and playing my first 100+ buy-in MTT and even final tabled it (Full Tilt Poker Game of the Week FL 2-7).

Although I did fantastic results wise, I didn't meet one of my most important goal, consistency. This was especially prevalent in the middle of 2013 when I went on two $500+ downswings.  I put this down to relying on my same game and not developing very much in it or as a player.  Even though I was playing the same stakes, I should not on rely the same skills will allow me to consistently perform.  Not only that, I felt that I was playing a more robotic game altogether, constant starting strong, but then my middle and late stage game was dwindling.  Another reason for this I firmly believe is the grinding times in Australia, with the 'majors' running from around midnight into early morning. I have always been a night owl, and very good running off self-adrenaline, but long grinds take a toll. 

The final factor contributing to my bottom line is Bankroll Management. I have always been very strict in tracking every cent I spend poker wise, every rebuy etc and always looked at my BR and followed a ~100 buy-in rule for MTTs.  It wasn't until about October I relooked at my plans and drafted new BRM plans to include BRM with rebuys and the effect of field strength. Afterwards, surprise, surprise, I went on a big upswing, and have been  performing consistently ever since.  I won't go into the details of my new BRM plan here as I intend to put up another blog post shortly elaborating it in detail.  I will say though, that the new BRM plan gave me a new sense of relief while playing as I was more relaxed with a more conservative and well thought out plan.

In summary after a shaky period, 2013 was a great productive year, learning more about my game, different scenarios, creating an excellent platform to the year ahead, 2014.

#YearofPoker #SoDue

Take care everyone, and gl at the tables.  Phrumpleton