Previous Bankroll: $125
Current Bankroll: $1075 ($75 online, $1000 live)

Since my last post 3 weeks ago, a lot has happened in poker and personal life.
Personally, I have have just gone through university exams, socialising with friends and working a bit at my uni job.

It has also been a fantastic time poker wise. During the break I started playing the PSO Open league, and have done very well, at one stage I was 100th after 8 days, by just playing 1 maybe 2 games a day, I even got a 3rd and 5th place in two of them. However due to university exams etc I have dropped to 1400th as I haven't played in over 10 days.

Also in general I didn't play much in the past fortnight, but that didn't stop me improving my game, and slightly changing my game selection, in both live and online. I actually played 2 live tournies in the past fortnight, and boosted my bankroll to $1000 for the first time. I was reading well, and reached the final 10 for both (one being 50 players, the other 70). Playing live, I noticed some plays and spots I was making errors in my online game, which I have already adjusted. In addition, I feel my live game is improving as I play, as I plan to play the Brisbane Treasury Masters in a months time. To further practice in the lead up, I will continue to play some freeroll games around Brisbane.

Going back to online, I changed my online tournament schedule to mainly 2-7 Triple Draw and 8-Game tournies, and a select few specific NLHE tournies. The reason for this is that I looked even further at the math behind 2-7, Razz, Stud Hi/Lo during my break. This has been rewarded with a ROI of 240% in 2-7, 50% in 8-Game. I have also expanded to Full Tilt. My combined online bankroll has gone down to $75 though, but by applies this schedule I should quickly be able to build my bankroll.

The reason for minimising NLHE tournaments is because they are such high variance, and as the quality of play has improved in the last 6 months (probably due to Pokerschool) I need to improve with reads and hand selection, however signs are promising after my play after making some adjustments.

I will be going away for a couple days this week coming, so I will not be playing as much.

To finish I would like to extend an invitation to any Australian, New Zealand, UK or Canadian players interested in joining a small, friendly 'elite' poker home game club. All of the members have been performing very consistent in the PSO Open Series, winning several bracelets and numerous final tables. We play NLHE, PLO, and all the mixed games for real and play money. The idea of the club is for everyone to play in a friendly atmosphere, at times that suit our regions. Donks need not apply! It is called ANZAC POKER CLUB, and it can be found in the home games section of pokerstars with Club ID #762695 invite #20132013.
Also if you have any questions, you can reach me via private message here or

Best of Luck at the Tables!