Continuing from my last post, I got 154th/2780 in the 8-Game low to cash for $78, although I did well, I am actually disappointed in my play to be eliminated. I got eliminated in 2 hands in PLO while having a top 20 stack, the first time I got coolered with an over pair and a flush draw. My equity was 42/58 as he had bottom set. Then with a 80/154 stack I got my money in on a 882 flop after I 3 bet potted pre-flop with KK  double suited (with hearts) as I already had 2/3 of my stack invested vs a stack who had 3BBs more than me. Turned out he had 2244 rainbow. Although frustrated that he called with that hand pre-flop for a large portion of his stack, I should have got away from my hand as I was dominating that table in 2-7, FLHE and Razz, and did fairly well in Stud Hi and Hi/Low. But it was a good experience, and helpful to starting off my bankroll again. Currently my bankroll is $125. Now I have made a decent start to the challenge again I would like to go over my plans for bankroll management and game selection.

Note: W means non-turbo rebuys in NLHE and the "Bigs", and general 8-Game & 5-Card draw as I very consistent in cashing in those. 

SS is the Sunday Spark, very consistent.

Note for all Turbo rebuy tournaments, I will leave the tournament if I have a rebuy for 6BBs or less when there is more than 10 mins to the add-on period, also I have to a 'easy' table. 

Bankroll  Tournaments               Ring Games                                              Live 

$50          $1.10                         1/2c PLO        

$100        $2.20+$3.30W+SS      2/5c PLO, 20/40c 8-Game

$200        $3.30+$1.10R              "  "

$300        $5.50                         5/10c PLO, 50c/$1 8-Game

$1000      $11+$22 Bigs             10/25c PLO, 50c/$1 8-Game                     $50

$5000      $55                           10/25c PLO, $2/$4 8-Game                       $100

$10000    $109+$215 8-Game    50c/$1 PLO, $2/$4 8-Game                      $250

Although I have these plans for myself I will only progress to the next level when I feel I have an edge at that stake. In addition if I desire to play in a special tournament where I have an edge but the buy-in is too high, I will like I did in SCOOP, play satellites until I earn 1.5 times the buy-in in profit. The reason for this is so I guarantee I don't take a big hit to my bankroll (I am actually in profit) and also get a feel for the level of play for the tournament. 

Due to university accessment coming up, I will not be playing as much for the next month, but I do intend to play some of the tournaments in the PSO Series, with the aim to earn 2 bracelets. 

During my 'break', I shall be looking over my NLHE post-flop play, partly due to hardly playing any live tournaments recently and also as I have increased my multi-tabling to 4-5 tables from 2-3. I used to pride myself in my post-flop play in bet sizing and reading ability (which originated from my live tournament play). Some of ways I plan to improve it is to get some poker friends of mine to analyse my play, and play some more live poker (freerolls and cash tournaments). In addition, I shall be trying the PSO Open league for first time in June, to try to build my bankroll.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, or suggestions for my next blog post you can contact me via email at:


Best of luck to everyone, and hope to see you at the tables