Since the last post a couple days ago, life for me has been very busy. University, life and poker wise.
This time of year is very busy University wise, exams here are only in a couple of weeks, however as I have been keeping on top of my studies I have no problem. At times I actually like to re-listen to my lectures while playing poker. Good way to kill two birds with one stone.
What I didn't mention in my last blog that in the last couple days were MY big events in SCOOP. Triple 2-7 draw and 8-Game. If you are yet to look at my profile, you will see that I love 8-Game, as I have very consistent in all the games, with on my favourite games being 2-7. Back tracking, if you aren't aware what 8-Game is, it is a rotation tournament where after each blind level you switch to another game in the order of 2-7 Triple Draw, FL Hold'em, FL PLO8 (Omaha H/L), FL Razz, FL Stud, FL Stud H/L, NLHE and finally PLO. For ring games, Pokerstars rotates the games every 6 hands. Results wise I am very consistent in 8-Game, and do very well in ring games.
However to play these I had to satellite in. I have found the best way to do this is via hyper-turbo shootouts or via non-turbo tournaments. The reasons for this is I believe there is less variance. Yes that includes the Hyper-Turbos, in fact I find them VERY profitable. One way of thinking of it is that you only have to win 1 of every 10 you enter (for $27 tickets). Please note: A big reason I find these profitable as I adapted a playing style PARTICULARLY for these style of tournaments, for EACH game variation. I find I am playing a different style to normal cash hyper turbos for NLHE. Below are my figures for the $2.55 36 man shootouts in In EACH of the variations.
Game       No Played      Buy-ins       Cashes     Win/Lose          ROI
NLHE             50              127.50        228         +100.50        78.8%
FLHE              8                20.40          30          +9.60            47%
2-7                5               12.75           27          +14.25         111.7%
I even entered satellites to events I wasn't intending to play in as you can use the ticket as tournament dollars to enter any tournament.
After winning my way in I played SCOOP events 24 (NLHE/PLO), 25 (FL Hold'em), 27 (Triple 2-7), 29 ($11 NLHE). I believe I played well in all these events, lasting for 2 or more hours in each, I just wasn't able to really build a stack especially in 24 and 25. I made a really good start in 27, but a couple hands of getting crazily donked by a calling down drawing 3 right until the final draw against my 76432 (which is the 2nd nuts). Also after that I went on a massive downswing in all the tournaments I played losing $60 to go down to $5 over 2 days while playing with a 40 buy-in rule. So unfortunately I had to restart the challenge as you can see in the photo below, as I especially wanted to play the $27 SCOOP 8-Game.
I think I will end this blog post now, and talk about my success since in another post probably this afternoon as I have uni and work to do.