Hello, I am Brisbane based uni student and part time player who discovered poker in March 2012, starting off live through the freeroll games we have in Brisbane and quickly got a knack for the game. As most poker players, especially budding love figures, I will tell you mine.

I then started to play some buy-in tournaments with $250 I put aside, and quickly turned that into $3K in just under a month. Then in October I decided to start playing online and deposited $200 on Party Poker and quickly turned that into $5K in 2 months after also adding cash game play to my arsenal. It wasnt until December 2012 I decided to try Pokerstars, putting in $250 and after battling for ages finally begame to make progress on my bankroll, winning a couple tourneys and adding PLO to my game selection (I am actually multi tabling some cash atm while writing this!). Since then I have added all variations of 8-game, and having quickly picked up some profit as I begun to look at the mathematics behind these games.

So what is the purpose of this blog? It was actually an idea initially by some friends after they decided to give me the challenge to turn $50 into $100K from April '13 to June '14. Blogging should encourage to continue to focus on improving my game (in all variations), especially as I progress through the stakes. I hope to share some strategy and play on this blog, however I am not going to give away all of my secrets